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How To Choose Good Quality Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Unless you are an expert, knowing if your quartz countertop is of good quality is almost impossible … until problems arise. Many people choose Quartz Kitchen Countertops instead of granite for the variety of color, the fact that the material is non-porous and are stain resistant. But beware; it is not because it is a fabricated material that all quartz slices are equivalent. The information found on the internet can be misleading. It’s easy to make a mistake when selecting your quartz countertop and end up with a significantly lower quality … is careful when selecting your countertop.

quartz kitchen countertops

 2 steps to choose a good quality quartz countertop

  1. Use a recognized quartz counter supplier

There are several companies that use this process to make quality quartz. There are several quartz kitchen countertops that have not been made with the right mix or substandard ingredients. Choosing a reputable company is the best way to reduce the risk of ending up with a lemon and get the best quartz kitchen countertops. Two of the largest manufacturers of quartz slices are Silkstone and Caesar stone. These offer a multitude of colors, styles, textures and finishes. One of the advantages of Silkstone is that it uses bacteriostatic protection, built into the quartz surface, which stops the spread of micro-organisms and microbes, making them very clean and safe.

  1. The problem of cheap Chinese quartzquartz kitchen countertops

The quartz mix and the quality of the resin in the counters are important factors for the final quality. The process used by companies such as Silkstone and Caesar stone is 93% quartz and other ingredients like resin and dyes. In several Chinese quartz, the ratio is less than 90%, combined with raw materials of second quality, without knowing the origin of the ingredients combined with a bad compaction process, offers counters of low quality. Even if there are some reliable manufacturers, the end customer is never sure about what it will fall because the quartz market is not regulated.

The benefits of a quartz kitchen countertop

quartz kitchen countertops

  • Quartz is not porous
  • There are no cracks or crevices that could accumulate bacteria. Apart from that, the material resists water perfectly. A quartz countertop is therefore ideal for cooking. The Quartz Kitchen Countertops does not require regular maintenance unlike natural stone countertops. The quartz countertop does not require the application of a sealant. It is stain resistant and easy to clean with a soft cloth, water and liquid soap.
  • Uniform patterns and colors
  • The quartz is worked so as to obtain a uniform appearance. So you do not have to worry those patterns on two structures or two parts do not follow each other.
  • A wide choice of color tones
  • The advantage of this manufactured material lies in the fact that the color tones are not limited; which is the case on the side of natural stones. A Quartz Kitchen Countertop can be red, yellow, green … or the color you want.

Different finishes

  • Quartz kitchen countertops can have a matte or gloss finish, depending on your preference and decorating style.