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Six Tips On How To Sell Gold To Jewelry Stores In Toronto

It is likely that at some point you’ve raised to sell your jewelry of gold to get a cash bonus. It is an alternative if you need additional income, but before taking the step you should know a series of basic questions to avoid possible deceptions. In the same way, you should be aware that the price you get will not be the same as the one you bought them, it will be lower. This is because normally when purchasing the jewel from jewelry stores in┬áToronto, other values such as design, brand or manufacturer and jewelry are included in the price.

  1. Weight and purity

First of all, we need to calculate the weight and purity of the gold of our jewel. For the first, we can use a kitchen scale. While to look at purity we will have to look for a brand with three numbers, which are the ones that indicate quality. If 999 appear, it will mean that it has a purity of 99.9%, that is, 24 carats, and if the figure is 750, it will be telling us that it is 75%, which is equivalent to 18 carats. Then you have to locate a gold calculator where you must include the values obtained for weight and purity

  1. Best in jewelry stores

Try selling them to jewelry stores. You should always try to sell your gold in jewelry stores first. Especially if they are important jewelry stores, they are less interested in scamming you, since their greatest source of income is another. Both specific stores selling these mineral and second-hand stores often offer a lower value. The advice, however, is to ask in several places and compare. From the consumer organization they also warn us to watch how they treat our jewel, since to check its purity the gold is scratched with a basalt stone, which is given an acid that shows its quality. If you want to sell gold jewelery then go to the best jewelry store in Toronto.

jewelry store in toronto

  1. Stay away from gold buyers

Many gold companies have appeared in recent years and most are scams or very likely to want to take advantage of you. Avoid all these gold buyers as much as possible.

  1. Compare prices

Always get several quotes from different jewelry stores in Toronto before selling your jewelry. Different stores may offer lower prices than others, depending on the size they receive and if they know how to recognize special pieces.

jewelry store in toronto


  1. Know what affects the price you get

Do not be influenced by the price of gold per bit you see in the news. Only 24 karat gold gets a full price. The 18-year-old gets 75%, GP means that the piece is only gold-plated and probably cannot be sold, etc. The weight you should work with when doing your own calculations should also be included for stones and other settings, since these are deducted from the weight of gold.

  1. Know what you have in your collection

Most of the pieces you sell will melt, so don’t expect something that is worth more just because it’s a wedding ring. However, if you have pieces in your collection that are from famous designers, then the value could be increased. You should always investigate.