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How to Thaw Frozen Pipes with Ease

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Winter brings incredible scenery, Christmas and snow.

While the snow might be changing the landscapes, the chill creates huge problems related to household plumbing. The brutal subzero temperature freezes the water inside the pipes and thus, creates an expensive plumbing job. Cold weather plumbing maintenance does not always prevent this problem from taking place. The plumbers in Toronto have thus jotted down some of the easiest steps to melt the frozen pipes of your home. Check them out to have a relatively tension-free winter this year.

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Determine If You Have a Frozen Pipe

The first step to thaw the frozen pipe is to be sure that the pipes are actually frozen. Check whether the outside temperature is running in the sub-zero level. Turn the faucet on to check whether only a small stream is dripping from it. In some worst cases, even if you have turned the faucet on, not a single drop of water comes out of it. If this is the case, call the plumbers in Toronto for help.

The Odd Smell

If a waft of dank smell hits your nose when you get inside the house after a vacation, the chances are that the pipes have frozen solid. This is one of the lesser known indicators of a frozen pipe.

Look Around for a Bust Pipe

This is the next step you need to take after you have identified the problems related to the frozen pipe. In this stage, you have to investigate whether any portion of the pipe is cracked. Check the dry walls for seeping marks. See whether any poodle of water has been formed on the floor close to the walls. In winter it is fairly difficult to check the outdoor plumbing. If you noticed cracked or burst pipe, call the plumbers in Toronto for additional help.

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Apply Gentle Heat to the Frozen Pipe

If you are sure that the pipe is only frozen and not damaged, then try to unfreeze it. Turn any of the faucets on and let the water drip continuously, no matter how slow. Using a portable space heater, blow dryer, warm water soaked towels or heating pad, try to warm the frozen portion of the pipe. Never try to warm the pipe using open flames. Call the plumbers in Toronto if this is too much for you to handle.

Apply Heat until Water Pressure Returns

Heating the frozen portion gently is a part of the thawing process. Check the drip of water from the open faucet to understand whether full water pressure has been restored. If the pressure of the drip does not change even after warming the frozen pipe for a certain time, there might be a bigger plumbing problem. Call the plumbers in Toronto to solve the problem completely.

Follow the above steps strictly to thaw the frozen pipes. After thawing the pipe out, you should take necessary steps so that this same problem does not take place. Ask the experienced plumbers what steps can be taken to avoid such problems in future.